[Prologue] Behind the Wall

Ananya. A name that meant "God covers", or "God protects". And the people of Ananya, whoever that was left that is, were clinging to whatever god there was for their lives and survival within the walls.

Thousands of years ago, Ananya was one of the powerful countries in the Ancient World, strong in trade, the arts and the crafts of many sorts. Their militia was astounding, economy stable and self-sufficient, with unity among races and classes. And there the First Emperor of the Hodei Dynasty saw the country in its greatest moments.

As well as its darkest.

Hushed wives' tales and legends told of a corrupt one, a creature mad and obsessed with power, who brought upon the Age of Darkness. It was said that the mad man dabbled with something he shouldn't, and opened the world with horrors from beyond. And suddenly the country and its inhabitants were taken by the darkness, plaguing their lands in a shadowy fog of death and devastation for years and years.

The First Emperor, in desperation and dire need to preserve what was left of his beloved home, took measures in securing the uncontaminated areas, sealing off the threats by building a wall. It was insanity, and suicidal for most, but the Emperor pushed for the creation, with the help of mages, his soldiers, who created armies to keep the mysterious dark forces at bay as they built the wall.

The creation took years, and many lives. And with every enchanted brick, and every ounce of bloodshed, the wall was made. 

And the First Emperor, with the rest of the surviving population, went underground.

Decades, centuries have past. The First Emperor has passed on, and his descendant, Emperor Ho Dei V, was left to care for its inhabitants, keeping the systems alive and going, protecting and preserving what was left of the glorious Empire.

However, in the recent times, deaths have occurred within the sanctity of the underground haven. 

With limited resources, manpower and otherwise, Emperor Ho Dei V was forced to form a band of brave souls willing to investigate the mystery behind the deaths, exploring the vast network of Ananyan Tunnels and Annals, hoping to discover the causes of the deaths, and if their home isn't as safe as it used to be.

[Prologue] Behind the Wall

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